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Protect Your Buildings
Finally, a roof that looks great and performs even better

Don’t let leaks jeopardize the safety of your equipment, or inventory. Protect your metal roofs with our Metal Roofing System. This unique system extends the life of your roofand the attractive coating gives your buildings a look of prosperity. For a quick, inexpensive solution to your metal roofing problems.

We’ve developed effective techniques to properly seal roofs, especially seams, penetrations and fasteners. The end result is an attractive roof that is completely waterproofed.

We’re trained to spot metal roof problems and experienced enough to correct them.

Protect Your Business

Leaks can damage more than just the contents of buildings. They can weaken walls and ceilings, jeopardizing the entire structure. Leaks can also ruin insulation, causing your heating and cooling costs to soar. Premium Asphalt Aluminum protects your investment and your profitability by preventing leaks and extending the life of your roof.

Shield of Protection Cures to a metallic shield providing a tough, yet resilient, coating able to resist the ravages of the elements. A specially compounded asphalt base allows a “free leafing” of the flakes providing a brilliant and reflective finish.

One Coat Finish – Right Over Rust

Limited surface preparation is necessary for application of Premium Asphalt Aluminum over rusty metal. Any loose scale will be removed as well as any other peeling paint and/or coatings. It is not necessary to sandblast the bright, shiny metal prior to application. This reduces application time and results in lower labor costs. The asphalt bites into the pores of the metal surface, preventing further rust.

Long Lasting and Cost-Effective

Because it reflects up to 80% of the sun’s Ultra-Violet Rays, Premium Aluminum Roof Coating helps reduce roof movement (expansion and contraction) resulting in increased roof life. Equally effective during both the summer and winter season, the polished aluminum paste keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer, resulting in lower air-conditioning costs, fuel, insulation and maintenance expense. One step maintenance coating with the addition of anticorrosive additives. A single coat of Premium Aluminum Roof Coating produces a finish that inhibits rust.

Applied directly from our custom-built tanks with mechanical mixers.
Apply to spray with a standard mastic pump and gun.


Although primarily intended for application to metal roofs, Premium Aluminum Roof Coating is also an excellent coating for use on built-up Asphalt or Rubber roofs. It provides an attractive appearance of durable aluminum, coupled with the heat resisting qualities of up to 80% heat reflection.

Each coat forms a smooth finish, tough enough to resist ultraviolet deterioration, and even the most adverse weather conditions. The reflective finish helps reduce heat build-up for substantial energy savings.

  • Protects against ultraviolet deterioration and damaging weather conditions
  • Resists chalking, cracking and checking
  • Inhibits rust formation for longer-lasting metal buildings
  • Helps steel resist corrosion from salt water
  • Applies easily, even over existing rust
  • Reduces internal temperature

Prevent future, costly replacement of your metal roof panels. Provide a solution so rust will not form this causing additional leaks.

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